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Important:  All Parents and Players must register online with Utah Storm on this website AND  with Utah Youth Soccer Association via the link provided on this page, NOT via directly logging into the UYSA webpage -- please see info and links below.


REGISTRATION STEP #1 - Please complete and move to STEP #2 below

Step #1 of 2:

Utah Storm Registration - Click HERE

The Utah Storm system is used to manage our club's registration, players, teams, fields, and payment of club fees.  We also utilize this system for coach, player, and parent communication by email and text.  Be sure to enter your cell phone so you can receive important information by text from the club and your coach.



Step #2 of 2

The UYSA system is used to register players, collect state/national fees, and accept/secure your spot on a team.  The state system runs the games and leagues we play in.  UYSA will also use the information you provide to communicate by email any important state news.

To accept and secure your position to play with Utah Storm (and the specific team that you have been offered a spot to play on), please click the link below to register with Utah Youth Soccer Association (the system will ask for the player code your coach has given you, be sure to have this available.) Please print, sign, and deliver a copy of the UYSA Medical Waiver form that you can print from the receipts section at the end of the UYSA registration to your coach.

UYSA Registration - CLICK HERE 

We recognize you will be entering much of the same information twice on two different systems.  Both systems are needed to adequately manage our respective programs.  Once the initial registration is entered on both systems the first year, subsequent year’s registration will be much quicker and easier.  Please plan on each initial registration taking 5-10 minutes.

Items you should have on hand to register your player:

  • Medical Information
  • Uploadable Birth Certificate
  • Uploadable recent player picture (close up of shoulders and face -- facing forward)

‚ÄčIf you have previously registered in each system, the registration fields will be filled in automatically and the process will be much quicker and easier -- but please update information as necessary.

You do need to upload a new (more recent) picture of your player in both systems.

Please be sure to fill out ALL the requested information completely and accurately.