Utah Storm believes in teaching and fostering a love and respect for The Beautiful Game. We strive to create healthy, challenging, and properly coached learning environments to develop hard working, technically sound, and tactically savvy player.

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Instructions for Game Day.

The following information are the guidelines for what you will do on game day for your team. 

1 - Print a game day Roster. This roster can be printed 24 hours prior to kickoff. It is a photo roster, and without it, you cannot checkin. If a player is not on the roster, they cannot play. Normally, you need to print 1 copy and give it to the referee at check-in of the game. If you have made any changes less than 24 hours before kickoff, you will need to print 2 rosters, 1 will go to the referee, the other to the other coach so they can see the changes (Development Player, new player, etc.). No Roster, NO PLAY!

Instructions to Print a game day roster:
1 - www.utahyouthsoccr.net
2 - Click on "Member Login" top right
3 - Enter username and password on the top left
4 - Scroll down till you see your name, with the season name to right, click on "Schedules/Game Scoring"
5 - This will pop up a schedule, when it is less than 24 hours prior to kick-off, click on button that says "print roster".
6 - You will then need to export it in order to print it, export to a .pdf file (up top middle is the option to do so), and then print it and bring it to the game.

2 - You can also utilize a digital roster via Utah Youth Soccer, click HERE to do so.

3 - Bring Corner flags to Home Games only

4 - Set goals and STAKE down goals so they don't fall on your players. Then, after the game the goals MUST be moved away from the goal mouth on our home fields to avoid wear and tear. We lost Mapleton Elementary for a full year because coaches did not move them. If coaches leave them, we will start to take away field privileges from offending coaches. Don't assume someone plays next, move them unless a team is actively warming up for a game and waiting for the goals. Please move goals 20 yards out of the middle fo the field, out to the side where less wear occurs on the field.

5 - Home team picks the side of the field to sit on. As you are facing the field, players and coaches sit on the RIGHT side of half line, and spectators/parents sit on the left side of the half line. This is a state rule, some referees will enforce it some will not, please do it either way. It creates a better atmosphere for all involved.

6 - Home team should wear their dark jersey, away teams wear their light jerseys. If there is a conflict, the home team must change jerseys. 

7 - After each game, pick up all water bottles and trash from BOTH sides of the field for home games, and your side for away games. Double check the goals have been moved . . . and then enjoy what was hopefully a win! Well done!

If there are good game day items I have left off the list, shoot me an email!