Utah Storm believes in teaching and fostering a love and respect for The Beautiful Game. We strive to create healthy, challenging, and properly coached learning environments to develop hard working, technically sound, and tactically savvy player.

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  2017 Utah Storm 3v3 Tournament Rules


**FIFA RULES APPLY IF NOT MODIFIED WITHIN** RULES OF THE GAME The following rules have been designed to ensure fair play for all participants. Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to their participation in the tournament. Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to the Tournament Director. Teams will be placed into divisions based upon age, gender and playing experience. Any team or player determined by the Tournament Director to have falsified age or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament. Teams that span more than one age group will be placed into the division of the oldest player on the team.

Schedule Changes: It is the responsibility of the coach or team captain to check the on-site schedule for any changes after each tournament game (you will not be notified of changes).

Sportsmanship: Good sportsmanship is to prevail at all times. Coaches will be held responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players, players’ parents and spectators.

 Number of Players: Six is the maximum number of players on a team: three field players and three substitutes. (A team must have a minimum of 2 field players). Players may only play on one team per division. Teams may not add additional players after their first game.  There are no goalkeepers in 3v3. Coed teams must have a minimum of one female player on the field at all times (this only applies to adult teams). Teams that have only one female will forfeit their remaining games if the female participant is no longer able to participate.

Player Registration: All players must be registered prior to their first scheduled game time. Teams cannot add players after their first game has been started. Tournament officials have the right to demand proof of age for any player included on the roster.

Falsifying Ages: A team, player or coach determined by the Tournament Staff to have falsified age, identity, or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament and potentially future events. This act of sportsmanship will not be tolerated by the Freedom Festival 3v3 Tournament.

Skill Level: Teams are placed in divisions based on their players’ competitive experience. Teams that have one or more players with any competitive experience will be bracketed in the competitive division. A team that qualifies as a recreational team at the Local and Regional event will be considered a recreational team at the World Championships. In effect, if a team qualifies before they play competitive soccer than they will play in the division they have qualified.

Proof of Age: All participants must provide proof of age if asked by a tournament official (players and coaches are required to have their proof of age at all times).

Age of Participants: The age group of each team is determined by the birth date of the oldest player on the roster (see registration form for age group breakdown). 

Co-Ed Rules: A co-ed team consists of a combination of male and female players. During play, there must be at least one female player on the field at all times. Co-ed teams are allowed to play in Male Divisions, which in this case the standard co-ed rules do not apply.

Uniforms/Protective Casts: All players must wear jerseys/shirts during play and each team must bring both a light and dark colored jersey/shirt. If both teams are wearing the same color, a coin flip in pool play will determine which team must change. In playoffs, the higher seed will have the option. The Tournament Director, Athletic trainer and/or referee assignor must approve players wearing protective casts. Hard casts will not be allowed. No jewelry will be allowed, including earrings of any type, rope necklaces and bracelets. The only exception will be players wearing medical bracelets.

Tournament Equipment: All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play. Teams are responsible for providing game balls. Here are the following sizes for each group: U6-U8 = Size 3; U9-U12 = Size 4; and U13 & up = Size 5.

Field Dimensions: The playing field is 40 yards long by 30 yards wide for ages U9 and higher. U6, U7 and U8 age groups play on 30 x 20 yard field.