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Game Reschedule Information

If you need to make a change to a game, please follow the below steps. Other teams are NOT required to accept change requests.

All reschedules must be completed un the UYSA at least 5 days before kickoff for a match.  If a reschedule is not completed at least 5 days before kickoff the match must be played as originally scheduled. Any reschedules that had been initiated but not completed before 5 days of kickoff will be locked and not be eligible for reschedule through the system.

Each team can reschedule up to 2 games per season.  A $50 fee will be charged by UYSA for each reschedule completed during the season and will be paid in affinity by the initiating team, unless your reschedule is complete by 2 weeks after UYSA releases schedules for that season. All reschedule fees will be used towards field grants and referee development. Remember, each team is allowed 2 for the entire season. This includes any reschedules processed before the season started. If you used both reschedules before the season started you will not be allowed to initiate a coach to coach reschedule (unapproved) during the season.

Please Note:

IF you are rescheduling for weather, no referees, conflicts with a state cup game, or unplayable fields, DO NOT click the reschedule button on UYSA.  Send information for these games to scheduler@utahyouthsoccer.net.  The email MUST have Game Number, Date, Time, Field Name, and Field Number.  Also please state that the teams, field, and referee assignors approve.

To reschedule for any other reason, use the reschedule button on UYSA (instructions below).  Please do not send any information by email to UYSA if you completed your reschedule online.

BOTH TEAMS MUST log in and enter reschedule information or accept the change.  The change will not be complete until you receive and email from Affinity stating the change and the reschedule history says complete. Your schedule will update within 15 minutes of a correctly completed reschedule.

CLICK HERE for UYSA video about rescheduling (provides step by step instructions)


Game Reschedule Process

Do NOT reschedule home games yourself. All details must be changed and approved by Camille, there are limits on how much we can play on a field, what nights we can play, and a limit of referees available. When making changes to games, our system tracks who makes changes, the field may not be available just becuase there isn't a game, and referees may not be assigned unless the below steps are followed.

1.  IF it is a home game, check field availability before contacting the other team.

You can see the field availability from www.utahstorm.org when hovering over "Club Info" and then clicking on "Master Schedule". Please note, there are not to be more than 2 games per home field each Saturday and only one game per night per field. After finding some dates that appear open, please email our club secretary to hold the field for your team at .  Once you have received confirmation that the field is available for sure (she will put a 48 hour hold on that field for you), then go to the next step. If the game is an away game, the opposing coach will have to check field availability.

2.  Contact the opposing coach.

To do so, log into your affinity login from http://uysa.affinitysoccer.com/reg/index.asp?sessionguid=, go to your schedule (as if you were printing out your game day roster), and click on the team name you are playing against. This will pop up contact information of that team. If you are not logged in to the affinity system, and are just viewing the public schedule, you will NOT be able to see contact information.

3.  Contact your REFEREE ASSIGNOR and inform them of pending change and verify referee availability.  

Contact Camille Thompson (our secretary and Referee Assignor) for all games to see if they can accommodate the referee change. You should email her at 

4.  Reschedule the game.

a.       Log in to your UYSA Account

b.      Click on “Schedules/Game Scoring” under the “Tournament Applications/Game Scoring” section

c.       Scroll down to the games and click on the “Reschedule Game” button

d.      Click on “Continue to Payment Screen”

e.      Choose your payment method, enter your payment information, and click “Submit Payment”

f.       Choose the new date, time, and field, the reason for the reschedule, and then click “Send Request” (this sends an email to the other team asking then to accept the reschedule)

Please note that the non-initiating team must accept the reschedule in the UYSA system. The schedule will not be updated online until the non-initiating team accepts the proposal in the system. To accept the reschedule if you are not the initiating team:

a.      Log in to your UYSA Account

b.      Go to the schedule page for your team that is rescheduling

c.      Find the game that is being rescheduled – the game will say “reschedule in progress”

d.      Click on the View Reschedule History button

e.      Click Accept

5.  For home games, confirm reschedule with club secretary and referee assignors.

For home games, you must now notify out club secretary that the reschedule with UYSA is complete ( ).  Please include all the details about your game (age, team, date, field), and the day and time you are moving your game to. Our club secretary and the club administration are the ONLY ones that are authorized to move home club games in our schedule. If any other coach changes games it will cause problems, and we will reverse the changes, as we can check and see who made the change. 

For home games, you must also confirm the reschedule with the referee assignors.

For away games, once the reschedule is accepted, you will need to update your date, time, and field info in the Utah Storm system so your schedule is correct.

  • Log in to the Utah Storm system and update the game date, time, location, and status.  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to edit a game.

CLICK HERE to view the entire UYSA reschedule policy.