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Print Game Rosters on UYSA Site

Question:  How do Coaches print game day rosters?

Answer:  For each game, home and away, you must present the referee a roster. This roster is printed via your affinity login. If you do NOT have a roster, your team will forfeit. You can print these rosters 48 hours before a scheduled game. They will have names and pictures of all players and coaches, for BOTH teams. If you have made any changes to your roster less than 24 hours before kickoff (transfers, club pass players, etc.) you will need to take 2 copies of the roster.

Quick Instructions

1 – Go to http://www.utahyouthsoccer.net, on the top right corner, click “Member Login”.

2 – Login in the top left corner, if you are a new coach, this would be the login you used to accept the coaches code of ethics. If you don’t know your username and password, you can call the state office, 801-268-3365.

3 – Scroll down to “Tournament Applications/Game Scoring” and to the right of your team, click on “Schedules/Game Scoring”.

4 – Next to the game that is less than 48 hours away, there will be a button “print roster”. Click on this button.

5 – You will now see a copy of your roster. Make sure every player has a picture on the roster, then up top click on "Select a format", choose "PDF" from the dropdown list, then click on “Export”. After the file is exported, print 2 copies and take to the game.