Utah Storm believes in teaching and fostering a love and respect for The Beautiful Game. We strive to create healthy, challenging, and properly coached learning environments to develop hard working, technically sound, and tactically savvy player.

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Welcome to our page dedicated to your personal workouts and fitness programs!

We are looking to provide programs for players to continue to develop and stay fit and healthy! Below we will provide links to resources for each of the key items in a player workout program. Our Calendars will be updated for daily workout details, with links available when you click on the event to explain any complex workouts. 


We will continue to update this page with additional resources and links to keep many options for different workouts open!


If you have any questions on the workouts, please feel to contact your team coach or any of our Directors to get assistance and direction. 


Looking to keep your players developing and fit for when we all get to return to the pitch and enjoy "The Beautiful Game"!!!

Work Hard! Play Smart! Have FUN!!


TYFOOM at home training app - If you are not currently connected to our "Tyfoom" app, an exclusive and exciting new app available for daily, in home coaching and tips, please email your players name, email address and team that you play for to jefflewissoccer@gmail.com . 


Tyfoom Training Videos - Click HERE For Details - Check out 2-3 minute training video trips that are delivered directly to any handheld device on our Tyfoom training platform. 


Workout Calendars - Specific workouts with daily details. Workouts will be explained further by clicking on the link provided in the details of the daily workout item.


Beginner Workout Calendar - Click HERE (Generally speaking U8-U10)

Intermediate Workout Calendar - Click HERE (Generally speaking U11-U14)

Advanced Workout Calendar - Click HERE (Generally speaking U15-U18)


Workout Specifics and Resources (The workouts below will be referenced in the calendar workouts above)



Free 2 month membership to Soccer Tech for all UYSA and Utah Storm Members for additional daily workout routings! - Click Here for more details and to signup


Dynamic Warmup - Click HERE For Details -  Before each workou, training or game, a dynamic warmup should be done to warmup and stretch the muscles, and to get your heart rate up. A dynamic stretch is a stretch that involves movement of the muscle you want to warmup, and doesn't involve holding he stretch longer than 2-3 seconds. A static stretch is when you hold a stretch for 3 seconds or longer. Static stretching should only be done for injuries and AFTER working out. If you static stretch before working out, you don't gain any injury prevention or flexibility benefits over dynamic stretching, yet your muscles lose 10-30% of their strenght for approximatly 90 minutes after performing a static stretch. Dynamic stretch BEFORE an activity, static stretch AFTER an activity. Static stretch before a game only if trying to rehab a hurt muscle.


Circuit Training - Click HERE For Details -  Circuit training is the best running workout that emulates soccer fitness. Running long distance is not productive to soccer fitness, causes a lot of overuse injuries, and builds slow twitch mucsle. Just like a marathon runner does not run sprints to get fit for marathons, a soccer player should NOT run long distance to get fit for soccer. 


Speed Ladder Training - Click HERE For Details - There are many different speed ladder movements that can be used in any workout, we suggest searching "speed ladder workout" on www.youtube.com


Plyometrics - Considered to be the "Mother of all Workouts" for athletes. Plyometrics is basically jump and power training. Want to get accelerate faster, gain top speed, jump higher and be quicker than those around you, Plyometrics will do the job! We will feature several plyometrics on our workouts. Simply Youtube search "Plyometrics" and you will find many different options...but we warn you, you will feel the workout the next day EVERY time you sit down!!

There are a lot of options for Plyometrics on youtube, here are a couple of good examples!

Plyometrics from YouTube #1 - Click HERE

Plyometrics from YouTube #2 - Click HERE


Ball Mastery - There are several different resources for ball mastery movements. We will provide a lot of details on our Tyfoom training app. Some of the top Ball Mastery workouts are listed below.


Utah Storm iSoccer workout - Click HERE For Details - We have provided many different entry level movements, along with links to youtube videos on our Utah Storm iSoccer workout, including a way to record our scores and see how you compare with your fellow Utah Storm players. 


Beast Mode Ball Mastery - Click HERE For Details - Perhaps one of the most complete and complex ball mastery skill sets available to watch and follow along with, this Youtube channel and videos are viewed and used around the globe!

Renegade Ball Mastery - Click HERE for Details - Great ball mastery sessions to follow along with and get great touches on the ball!


At Home Leg/Core Workout - Click HERE For DetailsA simple and fun leg and core workout. If you don't know the move explained, youtube search the exercise. Can be done with ONLY body weight, or can add weight if available. 




Work Hard! Play Smart! Have FUN!!