Utah Storm believes in teaching and fostering a love and respect for The Beautiful Game. We strive to create healthy, challenging, and properly coached learning environments to develop hard working, technically sound, and tactically savvy player.

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Beginner Goalkeeper Training: 

Goalkeepers will learn basic techniques of goalkeeping such as set position, contour catching, basket catching, forward smother, collapse dives and positioning. Focus is on repetitions of technique and fun at this stage of development. 

Intermediate Goalkeeper Training:

Goalkeepers are expected to be proficient with basic techniques and can begin to apply them to game situations and learn tactical aspects of the position such as dealing with breakaway situations, dealing with high balls and crosses, communication and distribution. There is a high focus on technique added with decision making at this stage of development.

Advanced Goalkeeper Training:

Goalkeepers at this level are expected to have learned all technical aspects of the position, be proficient in all distribution techniques with hands and feet and have game experience at a high level. Focus is on refining techniques and providing situational training that allows goalkeepers to train in game like environments to learn when and why to apply techniques at this stage of development.


All goalkeepers should attend weekly goalkeeper specific training sessions in the fall and spring seasons. If goalkeeper training is at the same time as a player's team training, goalkeeper training should take precedence. The number of repetitions a goalkeeper receives in goal is crucial to their development and will be higher at a goalkeeper specific training than a team training. Goalkeepers should come prepared with goalkeeper gloves, cleats, water and long sleeves and long pants to protect their body when hitting the ground numerous times in training.


Goalkeeper training schedule is located under the 'Teams' tab and the training group you are in. 


If you have questions about which training group to attend or about goalkeeper training, please contact Ashley Armstrong, Director of Goalkeeping:


Current Goalkeeper Training Groups: (Fall/Spring 2020-21)


2013 Hassan, 2013 Wing, 2012 Tuescher, 2012 Gibson, 2011 Downing Red, 2011 Nelson, 2010 Maughan


2011 Downing Black, 2011 Woolston, 2010 Robinson, 2010 Antonino, 2010 Martin, 2009 Andrew, 2009 Farris, 2008 Farris, 2008 Bartholomew, 2007 MacArthur, 2007 Thompson


2008 Yeates, 2007 Armstrong, 2007 Robinson, 2006 Andrew, 2006 Woolston, 2006 Christensen, 2005 Lewis, 2004 Lamont, 2004 Lewis, 2003 Decker, 2003 Taylor, 2002 Bergholm