Utah Storm believes in teaching and fostering a love and respect for The Beautiful Game. We strive to create healthy, challenging, and properly coached learning environments to develop hard working, technically sound, and tactically savvy player.

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Game Day Warm Up:

1. Dynamic Warm Up including stretching and dynamic movements to increase heart rate and get the feet moving.

2. Throwing and volleying to hands - goalkeeper first takes several overarm throws to server/each other followed by several volleys to each other's hands. Focus on clean catches with contour shaped hands and moving feet behind the ball to be in a balanced position.

3. Tossed balls to alternating sides for goalkeeper to dive for. Start on knees and after 10 total, repeat from a standing position.

4. Footwork through three cones - arrange three cones laterally about 2 feet apart from each other. Goalkeeper starts by moving laterally with 2 feet high knees footwork one direction, set and make a save. Repeat other direction. 6-8 repetitions on each save.

            1. 2 touch passes

            2. Ball from ground to goalkeeper's hands

            3. Low, hard ball on ground for front smother

            4. Ball from feet for collapse dive (vary height of balls)

            5. 2 saves - one collapse dive followed directly by a bouncing ball for goalkeeper to get up quickly and save a high                    ball.

5. Shots from different angles around the18 yard box.

6. Crosses from each side.

7. Punts and goalkicks - this can either be taken toward another coach or teammate/goalkeeper or into the net.